Canon 250D Review – Is it good for weddings?

Canon 250D Review – good for beginners Photographers?

In this blog, I tried to write a short review about Canon 250D. If you are a beginner and finding a good camera to buy this will help you to make a decision.

I got to hear a question from our new wedding photographers which camera is best for wedding photography. But there is no such certain camera in the world as best.

If you have the skill and ability and you can play with light, you can shoot a wedding with almost any camera. However, having faster and more reliable and better quality equipment will make your life as a wedding photographer easier and more efficient.

For example,as a wedding photographer you have to spend 12 hours (or more) continuous shooting in a wedding. Bengali traditional weddings can lasts for 15 hours. Above all, You need a camera with durability, power and comfortability – one that can be with you in a thousand weddings.

Firstly, Canon rebel series cameras are best at the mid range price. I used Canon 200D and it did my work perfectly. The newest model is always the best. I can’t remember Canon launching a new camera that was rated worse than any of the predecessors.

Canon 250D Features

Canon 250D comes with a Digic 8 processors that is much faster than before. Firstly, this camera has 9 autofocus points which are decent for weddings, as it comes with dual pixel technology which helps to get more reliable autofocus. Secondly, It has a 3 inch touch screen which can be very usual for some wedding situations. Finally, Canon 250D comes with 5 fps continuous shooting, which helps you to get the perfect shot in a fast moving ritual in the wedding. In short, the camera body is only 449 grams which is more convenient for long day shoots.

Though Can 250D has the same LP-17 battery as 200D had but you can get better efficiency for the new processors. You can notice there is no center pin on the flash hot shoe mount. So, if you want to use any third party flashes rather than canon it can be a problem.

Finally, if you are looking for a good camera for wedding photography this will do the job for you.

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